Sunday, 10 February 2008

Calling "Sir"

Well I am an engineer graduate and I have worked through couple of engineering companies. One of the traditional things, which I have seen and hate the most in these engineering companies is that you have to call your boss as "sir". Now what the hell is that? Are you knighted or what?

I have heard in some IT and ITes companies, most of them have policy that employees should not call their next seniors as "sir", which I appreciate. Once I had a written a mail to G. M of my company and in salutation I had written Mr. Xyz instead of Mr. Xyz sir. Damn!! I came to know he got agitated because of my email, and complained to our M. D that I am arrogant, aggressive and what not.

We are servants or what that we have to call you "sir". Respect should be earned not be forcefully taken. And just calling someone "sir" doest means that you respect him or her.

And if you call your boss by first name that tends to make your relationship with your boss more close and you can share your problems with him openly.

Vishal V