Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Marathi Manoos

Well couple of weeks back Maharashtra Navnirman Sena activists beat up north Indian aspirants appearing for the Railway Recruitment Board entrance exam for the Western region, saying that North-Indians are taking away employment from the local people (Marathi Manoos). Well is that the real problem Maharashtra is facing? Well I think its not even 0.001% of total problem Maharashtra is facing.

Today Maharashtra is having acute power shortage. Everyday there is 3-4 hours of power cut in pune itself. Who is running the Maharashtra State Electricity Board, the "Marathi manoos" himself.

Even there are water problems in many parts of Maharashtra and Pune also. So who is heading the water resource department in Maharashtra and PMC in pune, its "Marathi Manoos" himself.

The quality of roads, infrastructure , transport facility available sucks here in pune, so who is heading the Pune Municipal Corporation, the "Marathi Manoos" himself.

So as u can see there are basic lot of problems in Maharashtra and which really affects the Maharastrians, but this is not really been addressed by the MNS.

The Railway recruitment or North-Indian problem is hardly affecting 0.001% of Maharastrians. As stated above there are lot of basic problems which Maharastrians are facing but nobody is addressing it. I think the marathi manoos himself is an enemy of marathi manoos cause he is not bothered to improve the facilities of Mahastrians staying in the state.

I know lot of Marathi people who are with Raj Thackeray for the way he fights for rights of Marathi Manoos. But as I said early they forget that North-Indians are hardly 0.001% of problem , Maharashtra has lot of basic problems that are not been solved by the departments of various government organization which are been headed by Marathi Manoos himself.