Thursday, 21 February 2008

My stand for Homosexuality

Homosexuality. Wow, even the most rational and liberal minds distant themselves for discussion on this topic. Conservatives mites say that this is "against nature", "unnatural", "abnormal".
First of all let’s define “against nature” or “unnatural” word. Well I think this means, things which are not occurring according nature's law or not found in nature. Let’s forget humans, homosexual behavior has been observed animal kingdom in 1500 species and 500 of them is documented. Now if all this things are found in animal kingdom then I don’t think this things are so called "unnatural"

Now let’s define abnormal. It means things which are not normal or normally people don't do it or majority doesn't do it. Then I think even atheism is abnormal, even Sachin Tendulkar is abnormal guy cause talent he poses no other normal human-being has. (Well I think the comparison was bad).

I can't understand how homosexuality can harm society. This relationship is mutually agreed by two adults of same sex, and their relationship doesn't harm them or the society. Its just a pure form of love, homosexuals love each other with same intensity as any other "normal" heterosexuals will do.

Is sexual orientation by choice? Well I think it’s not because of choice but for most people, sexual orientation emerges in early adolescence without any prior sexual experience. Although we can choose whether to act on our feelings, psychologists do not consider sexual orientation to be a conscious choice that can be voluntarily changed.

So guys just enjoy been in love, whether with same sex or opposite sex or even with both.

I am not expecting anybody to comment on this topic, same as I never expected nebody to comment of CANNABIS post. I don't know why people are afraid to comment on such "unnatural" and "abnormal" topics.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

What is Love ?

My girlfriend is gonna screw me for this blog. LOL. She mite become paranoid of my "constant love" towards her. We had a discussion regarding love, according to her "love" of a person towards another person should be constant through the life. Mite be the person be your husband/wife, father/mother, friends. First of all what is love? After lot of introspection, I just concluded what is love? (Highly subjective). Why don't we fall in love with any one, why don’t we fall in love with mentally handicapped person, physically handicapped person, with a irritating person, with a boring person, with your maid/servant, with any people of other religion, with lower caste people, with people who doesn’t match your mentality, with your enemies, with some prostitute, with people having bad looks, with person who doesn’t earn, with fat people, with people with same sex, with a psycho, why, why why? Why we want the person whom we love to care for us, should earn good amount money, should have respectable position, should be intelligent, should be smart, should be handsome/beautiful, should have good figure/physic, should be fair, should have good speech, show affection towards us, should not be addictive to smoke, should not be addictive to alcohol, should not have bad habits, why, why why? Isn't that all selfish. LOVE IS SELFISH. In the category of selfishness it holds the paramount position, which people don’t realise.

Why you love your friends, boyfriend/girlfriend is because of your selfishness. Then how can selfishness be constant throughout your life? Your selfishness keeps on changing throughout your life. What happens if your boyfriend/girlfriend physically and mentally abuses you thorough your life, still then your love will be constant for him/her. What happens if your bf/gf discards you, then also your love will be constant for him/her. What happens if your spouse tells that he/she won’t have sex with you any more throughout the life, still then your love will remain constant (If not then its lust, again highly subjective). Why is love so much demanding? Why does your bf/gf want you to give him/her paramount importance? Why are you so much possessive about your gf/bf? What happens if you suddenly see your gf/bf talking away to glory with opposite sex at a restaurant? Doesn’t that hurt you? Aren’t you selfish, aren’t you egoistic.

If you think this selfishness is ok, normal then all kind of selfishness and egoism should be ok. A person who is highly selfish should not be considered as a bad guy. A person, who doesn’t help others, backstabs at his friends/colleagues for his/her own benefit should not be considered bad person. A politician who makes people fight/hate each other on basis of religion/caste/language for his own selfish interest shouldn’t be considered bad. A person who doesn’t follow traffic rules for his own selfish interest shouldn’t be considered bad. A person who kills somebody else for his own selfish interest shouldn’t be considered as bad person.

Aren’t we been hypocrite by showing different attitude to different type of selfishness.

Mite be I m cynic, but that’s my perspective.

Anyway hail LOVE, that is one of the most beautiful thing ever to happen to me, even though selfish. And I am enjoying it.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Ignorance regarding CANNABIS

What the hell, Why is this guy talking about cannabis suddenly? Has he gone mad? All drugs are same. Doesn't he knows how harmful is drugs? Drugs are so addictive they kill people? Drugs users talk bullshit while taking drugs? They become addictive and do nothing in life. It is the worst thing every happened to mankind. It should be banned.

Ok guys before you start to post your conjecture opinions more on cannabis, how much of you have done research on cannabis, grass, hash, LSD? Let me start by classifying different type of drugs. Basically there are three types

1. Hard drugs: These type drugs are physically highly addictive, easier to overdoes, posing serious health and social risks and have high physical withdrawal symptoms. Example of this kind of substance is Cocaine, Heroin, Morphine, Alcohol and nicotine (tobacco).

2. Soft drugs: These type of drugs have very less physical addictiveness, and pose no or very less withdrawal symptoms. Example of this kind of substance is Cannabis, LSD, Grass and Hash (Ganja and Charas in Hindi).

In-between drugs are stuffs which have properties in between Hard and Soft drugs for e.g. caffeine.

So as you can see the effect of Alcohol and nicotine are more harmful compared to cannabis (Ganja and Charas). So what is the problem if people smoke cannabis and why should it made illegal in INDIA, when alcohol and tobacco are been sold legally. This is height of ignorance and hypocrisy.

Country like Netherlands has high tolerance towards possession of cannabis and they have many coffeshops in which person can buy and smoke cannabis freely.

By the way the above stuff is quite subjective and matter of discretion. Please do some research before commenting on this topic.

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Staying in INDIA

Tolerating Indian mentality has become very irritating for me these days. Sometimes I think why, why I am in this country, when I have the opportunity to got and reside in some developed country and spend a quality life there.

You have overcrowded city transport system. During peak hours I cannot take the city bus to go anywhere, as all are jam-packed. Taking auto is another pain in your ass. You have to argue with the autowalas for the fare, which should be applicable to the destination.

Then riding bike in this “god made” roads just screws your head. No traffic discipline, just people riding according to their leisure. Road full of potholes or should I say pothole with sum road on it. There are no proper footpaths for pedestrian to walk.

People spiting tobacco on the road, footpath and even on stairs. So much pollution and suspended particles in atmosphere.

Also for good life, the ratio of money spend to money earned is less in developed countries compared to INDIA.

And most of the INDIANS have very irrational mentality. Be it belief in god, lack traffic discipline, work culture, selecting your political leader, behaving with others, not having unconventional ideas, not respecting people from other religions, caste, language, not respecting physical as well as mentally handicapped people, irrational perception of sex, drugs, not respecting homosexual peoples, concept of arrange marriage, concept of staying with your parents, liking for fair people. So many hypocrites, bigots and irrational people here. The list is too long.

Why should I stay in such kind of environment? Some fanatic will say, that you should be patriotic to your country and shouldn’t speak like this and do something for your country rather than discussing. Some people even say me traitor. See first of all I am a selfish guy like any normal human being, when I have opportunity to go out why shouldn’t I? Don’t people change their company, city, state to work in some other place? Aren’t they patriotic to their company, city or state?

Its not like that I am going for money to some other country, I am earning a good amount of money to suffice my needs, but I cannot tolerate such irrationality. Why should I waste my life is such bad ambience, I alone cannot change the system. So better go in some good system.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Indian Parents

Well this post I am writing from my experience of my life and my other friends life. First of all I hate the interference of parents in a child's life. Why don't they respect and trust the discussions taken by the child after all he/she is now adult and mature enough. First of all their interference will come why one wants to marry a girl/boy of his/her preference. If the opposite sex be of another caste or another religion what difference doest it makes. Parents say that society won’t accept such relationship. Are parents more bothered about society or their child’s? Another argument is that she/he will not able to settle at would be spouse place. Now who are they to decide, what the rationality is there behind it. The person knows better with whom he/she has to spend life, and if it’s a wrong discussion he/she will face the consequence.

They can believe in the institution called arrange marriage, in which the parents hardly knows the guy/gal and they think that this would be the best choice for their child. This is a height of hypocrisy. When they say their child cannot marry opposite choice of his/her preference, whom the child knows much better but they will go for arrange marriage where they hardly know the other guy/girl.

Other thing I have seen the freedom for females are curbed too much. I don’t know whether guys are rebellious or parents are liberal towards them, but for females a typical Indian parents are next to disaster. I agree that they are parents, but that doesn't mean that they have to encroach the privacy and space of the child saying that they are parents and have more experience, bla bla etc.Females cannot study much, if at all she studies then she cannot work cause she has to be servant in her husband house, then she cannot move to far away place to work and if she wants she has to take permission from parents.

Ok I agree there mite b sum good urban parents who don’t follow this, but I am talking abt general Indian parents. Another point is parents want to stay with their child even though he has grown up and even married. They say they want support in their old age. Ok come on u have grown old but not handicapped. Old age isn’t excuse to be dependent on your child or anybody else. Respect your child privacy and space. Let him/her allow doing anything because its their life and they are in the better position to judge their doings. Parents can give suggestion but they cannot be dogmatic and force their opinions on their children.

Is this matter of EGO for parents?

Shiv Sena and Valentine day

Here comes my favorite party Shiv Sena and Bajrang Dal. I love these people because they only have the moral sense of protecting Indian Culture by stopping celebration of valentine day. My favorite party says as Valentine day is not part of “Indian Culture” hence we should not celebrate it. And how should we stop people from celebrating it? By burning Valentine cards, vandalizing shops selling valentine cards, beating up shopkeepers, yes and all this are part of our Indian culture.

Very good, you are the true representative and protector of Indian Culture. You guys get into corruption, bribing, rioting, vandalizing etc and all these things are the part of Indian culture hence you should do it and I fully agree with you. I am PROUD of you.

Non sense traffic, high unemployment rate, high illiteracy rate, high number of people below poverty line, filthy roads, no footpath etc these all are part of our Indian culture but Valentine day it is not hence we should oppose this vehemently I completely agree with you.

Grow up INDIA Grow up!!!!

Monday, 11 February 2008

Thackeray gone mad

Has this guy gone mad or what? What in the TV I saw that MNS workers were beating up hapless taxi guys and hawkers of North Indian origin. Now what is the rationality behind that? Can't any Indian coming from other states reside in here peacefully?

Raj Thackeray has the objection, that people of North India celebrate their festival here. Now balls, what the difference doest it make to him. Are those guys harming him or any other Marathis is any way. And if he is so concerned they why doesn't his men bash up many North Indian goons residing in Mumbai.

His other objection is North Indians are taking up jobs of Marathis. Come on man this is the age of survival of fittest. Those who has skill and talent will survive or they will go down the drain.

There are many instances of Indians residing in Britain, US of A, Australia etc facing racism, or local people harassing them. Now when people in our country are facing music when shifting to some other states, then what kind of decency we can expect from people of other countries. Indians residing in other countries, support INDIA whenever our national cricket team goes on tour to that country, then according to Mr. Raj Thackeray this is wrong. Indians should support England or Australia according to him. And if they don’t, locals should go and beat them. Am I correct Mr. Raj


Sunday, 10 February 2008

Calling "Sir"

Well I am an engineer graduate and I have worked through couple of engineering companies. One of the traditional things, which I have seen and hate the most in these engineering companies is that you have to call your boss as "sir". Now what the hell is that? Are you knighted or what?

I have heard in some IT and ITes companies, most of them have policy that employees should not call their next seniors as "sir", which I appreciate. Once I had a written a mail to G. M of my company and in salutation I had written Mr. Xyz instead of Mr. Xyz sir. Damn!! I came to know he got agitated because of my email, and complained to our M. D that I am arrogant, aggressive and what not.

We are servants or what that we have to call you "sir". Respect should be earned not be forcefully taken. And just calling someone "sir" doest means that you respect him or her.

And if you call your boss by first name that tends to make your relationship with your boss more close and you can share your problems with him openly.

Vishal V