Saturday, 16 February 2008

Staying in INDIA

Tolerating Indian mentality has become very irritating for me these days. Sometimes I think why, why I am in this country, when I have the opportunity to got and reside in some developed country and spend a quality life there.

You have overcrowded city transport system. During peak hours I cannot take the city bus to go anywhere, as all are jam-packed. Taking auto is another pain in your ass. You have to argue with the autowalas for the fare, which should be applicable to the destination.

Then riding bike in this “god made” roads just screws your head. No traffic discipline, just people riding according to their leisure. Road full of potholes or should I say pothole with sum road on it. There are no proper footpaths for pedestrian to walk.

People spiting tobacco on the road, footpath and even on stairs. So much pollution and suspended particles in atmosphere.

Also for good life, the ratio of money spend to money earned is less in developed countries compared to INDIA.

And most of the INDIANS have very irrational mentality. Be it belief in god, lack traffic discipline, work culture, selecting your political leader, behaving with others, not having unconventional ideas, not respecting people from other religions, caste, language, not respecting physical as well as mentally handicapped people, irrational perception of sex, drugs, not respecting homosexual peoples, concept of arrange marriage, concept of staying with your parents, liking for fair people. So many hypocrites, bigots and irrational people here. The list is too long.

Why should I stay in such kind of environment? Some fanatic will say, that you should be patriotic to your country and shouldn’t speak like this and do something for your country rather than discussing. Some people even say me traitor. See first of all I am a selfish guy like any normal human being, when I have opportunity to go out why shouldn’t I? Don’t people change their company, city, state to work in some other place? Aren’t they patriotic to their company, city or state?

Its not like that I am going for money to some other country, I am earning a good amount of money to suffice my needs, but I cannot tolerate such irrationality. Why should I waste my life is such bad ambience, I alone cannot change the system. So better go in some good system.