Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Indian Parents

Well this post I am writing from my experience of my life and my other friends life. First of all I hate the interference of parents in a child's life. Why don't they respect and trust the discussions taken by the child after all he/she is now adult and mature enough. First of all their interference will come why one wants to marry a girl/boy of his/her preference. If the opposite sex be of another caste or another religion what difference doest it makes. Parents say that society won’t accept such relationship. Are parents more bothered about society or their child’s? Another argument is that she/he will not able to settle at would be spouse place. Now who are they to decide, what the rationality is there behind it. The person knows better with whom he/she has to spend life, and if it’s a wrong discussion he/she will face the consequence.

They can believe in the institution called arrange marriage, in which the parents hardly knows the guy/gal and they think that this would be the best choice for their child. This is a height of hypocrisy. When they say their child cannot marry opposite choice of his/her preference, whom the child knows much better but they will go for arrange marriage where they hardly know the other guy/girl.

Other thing I have seen the freedom for females are curbed too much. I don’t know whether guys are rebellious or parents are liberal towards them, but for females a typical Indian parents are next to disaster. I agree that they are parents, but that doesn't mean that they have to encroach the privacy and space of the child saying that they are parents and have more experience, bla bla etc.Females cannot study much, if at all she studies then she cannot work cause she has to be servant in her husband house, then she cannot move to far away place to work and if she wants she has to take permission from parents.

Ok I agree there mite b sum good urban parents who don’t follow this, but I am talking abt general Indian parents. Another point is parents want to stay with their child even though he has grown up and even married. They say they want support in their old age. Ok come on u have grown old but not handicapped. Old age isn’t excuse to be dependent on your child or anybody else. Respect your child privacy and space. Let him/her allow doing anything because its their life and they are in the better position to judge their doings. Parents can give suggestion but they cannot be dogmatic and force their opinions on their children.

Is this matter of EGO for parents?

Shiv Sena and Valentine day

Here comes my favorite party Shiv Sena and Bajrang Dal. I love these people because they only have the moral sense of protecting Indian Culture by stopping celebration of valentine day. My favorite party says as Valentine day is not part of “Indian Culture” hence we should not celebrate it. And how should we stop people from celebrating it? By burning Valentine cards, vandalizing shops selling valentine cards, beating up shopkeepers, yes and all this are part of our Indian culture.

Very good, you are the true representative and protector of Indian Culture. You guys get into corruption, bribing, rioting, vandalizing etc and all these things are the part of Indian culture hence you should do it and I fully agree with you. I am PROUD of you.

Non sense traffic, high unemployment rate, high illiteracy rate, high number of people below poverty line, filthy roads, no footpath etc these all are part of our Indian culture but Valentine day it is not hence we should oppose this vehemently I completely agree with you.

Grow up INDIA Grow up!!!!