Sunday, 17 February 2008

Ignorance regarding CANNABIS

What the hell, Why is this guy talking about cannabis suddenly? Has he gone mad? All drugs are same. Doesn't he knows how harmful is drugs? Drugs are so addictive they kill people? Drugs users talk bullshit while taking drugs? They become addictive and do nothing in life. It is the worst thing every happened to mankind. It should be banned.

Ok guys before you start to post your conjecture opinions more on cannabis, how much of you have done research on cannabis, grass, hash, LSD? Let me start by classifying different type of drugs. Basically there are three types

1. Hard drugs: These type drugs are physically highly addictive, easier to overdoes, posing serious health and social risks and have high physical withdrawal symptoms. Example of this kind of substance is Cocaine, Heroin, Morphine, Alcohol and nicotine (tobacco).

2. Soft drugs: These type of drugs have very less physical addictiveness, and pose no or very less withdrawal symptoms. Example of this kind of substance is Cannabis, LSD, Grass and Hash (Ganja and Charas in Hindi).

In-between drugs are stuffs which have properties in between Hard and Soft drugs for e.g. caffeine.

So as you can see the effect of Alcohol and nicotine are more harmful compared to cannabis (Ganja and Charas). So what is the problem if people smoke cannabis and why should it made illegal in INDIA, when alcohol and tobacco are been sold legally. This is height of ignorance and hypocrisy.

Country like Netherlands has high tolerance towards possession of cannabis and they have many coffeshops in which person can buy and smoke cannabis freely.

By the way the above stuff is quite subjective and matter of discretion. Please do some research before commenting on this topic.