Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Virtual World !!!

Well this post I am writing on my experience as well as seeing other people’s experience on extensive use of virtual world for personal satisfaction.

Well this post is not on people who talk with their “real” friends through internet, but this is on people who try to make friends (well I think everyone try to make b.f/g.f thru it) and also people who write their personal experiences on their blog.

Y do people do this? Well if I conclude these kinda people who extensively are hooked up to virtual world, have certain flaws in them. I cannot describe the flaw, but it is something due to which they cannot find themselves attractive enough to stimulate opposite sex. And the easier medium for them is “virtual world”.

Well chatting is dimensionless. People can’t see your flaws and you can easily camouflage you flaws on Internet. You can talk with confidence with the opposite sex cause neither they can see you or cant recognize your flaws. But ultimately they don’t realize that they meet people in real world and have to live life in the real world. So instead of taking shortcut and finding friends in virtual world, I can suggest them to find their flaws and improve upon them so that they can make friends in the real world who are more reliable and honest compared to friends in virtual world.

Also people share their personal experience on blogs. Well I have lot of friends with whom I can share things with them, so I don’t require the help of blog to share things with persons whom I hardly know. Yeah they can comment, but they hardly know me and which kinda situation or circumstances I hve been through, so I wont find their comment quite related to me. I think this kinda people want to communicate with strangers and share things with them cause somewhere in real world they cant do it. They hve certain flaws which are keeping themselves away from the real people of real world.

So I don’t know whether these people (these people, I think I am categorizing them LOL) should introspect the role of virtual world in their life. They shud concentrate on the flaws in them cause of which they have got hooked up to virtual world and try to improve the flaws to have better life in real world.