Monday, 27 October 2008

Morality in INDIA !!!!

You are immoral in INDIA if u
  1. Smoke
  2. Drink
  3. Do "soft" drugs
  4. Visit prostitute
  5. Have pre-marital sex
  6. Worst case have a g.f/b.f of different caste/religion
  7. are homosexual
  8. Eat "non-veg"
  9. Rebel ur elders like parents, relatives, boss, society etc
  10. are Atheist
But ur not if u

  1. Jump the red-light at traffic junction
  2. Throw garbage on the street
  3. Burn fire crackers on the road and disturb other people driving vehicles
  4. Take out religious procession and screw up the road and vehicle driver's peace
  5. Pay bribe to traffic policeman and government officials
  6. Keep on honking on the road
  7. If two persons r talking, won't wait for their talk to finish and start up his/her matter
  8. are unpunctual
  9. having extreme right - wing ideologies
  10. stare at female ne where on the road

Incredible INDIA !!!!