Monday, 11 February 2008

Thackeray gone mad

Has this guy gone mad or what? What in the TV I saw that MNS workers were beating up hapless taxi guys and hawkers of North Indian origin. Now what is the rationality behind that? Can't any Indian coming from other states reside in here peacefully?

Raj Thackeray has the objection, that people of North India celebrate their festival here. Now balls, what the difference doest it make to him. Are those guys harming him or any other Marathis is any way. And if he is so concerned they why doesn't his men bash up many North Indian goons residing in Mumbai.

His other objection is North Indians are taking up jobs of Marathis. Come on man this is the age of survival of fittest. Those who has skill and talent will survive or they will go down the drain.

There are many instances of Indians residing in Britain, US of A, Australia etc facing racism, or local people harassing them. Now when people in our country are facing music when shifting to some other states, then what kind of decency we can expect from people of other countries. Indians residing in other countries, support INDIA whenever our national cricket team goes on tour to that country, then according to Mr. Raj Thackeray this is wrong. Indians should support England or Australia according to him. And if they don’t, locals should go and beat them. Am I correct Mr. Raj