Tuesday, 19 February 2008

What is Love ?

My girlfriend is gonna screw me for this blog. LOL. She mite become paranoid of my "constant love" towards her. We had a discussion regarding love, according to her "love" of a person towards another person should be constant through the life. Mite be the person be your husband/wife, father/mother, friends. First of all what is love? After lot of introspection, I just concluded what is love? (Highly subjective). Why don't we fall in love with any one, why don’t we fall in love with mentally handicapped person, physically handicapped person, with a irritating person, with a boring person, with your maid/servant, with any people of other religion, with lower caste people, with people who doesn’t match your mentality, with your enemies, with some prostitute, with people having bad looks, with person who doesn’t earn, with fat people, with people with same sex, with a psycho, why, why why? Why we want the person whom we love to care for us, should earn good amount money, should have respectable position, should be intelligent, should be smart, should be handsome/beautiful, should have good figure/physic, should be fair, should have good speech, show affection towards us, should not be addictive to smoke, should not be addictive to alcohol, should not have bad habits, why, why why? Isn't that all selfish. LOVE IS SELFISH. In the category of selfishness it holds the paramount position, which people don’t realise.

Why you love your friends, boyfriend/girlfriend is because of your selfishness. Then how can selfishness be constant throughout your life? Your selfishness keeps on changing throughout your life. What happens if your boyfriend/girlfriend physically and mentally abuses you thorough your life, still then your love will be constant for him/her. What happens if your bf/gf discards you, then also your love will be constant for him/her. What happens if your spouse tells that he/she won’t have sex with you any more throughout the life, still then your love will remain constant (If not then its lust, again highly subjective). Why is love so much demanding? Why does your bf/gf want you to give him/her paramount importance? Why are you so much possessive about your gf/bf? What happens if you suddenly see your gf/bf talking away to glory with opposite sex at a restaurant? Doesn’t that hurt you? Aren’t you selfish, aren’t you egoistic.

If you think this selfishness is ok, normal then all kind of selfishness and egoism should be ok. A person who is highly selfish should not be considered as a bad guy. A person, who doesn’t help others, backstabs at his friends/colleagues for his/her own benefit should not be considered bad person. A politician who makes people fight/hate each other on basis of religion/caste/language for his own selfish interest shouldn’t be considered bad. A person who doesn’t follow traffic rules for his own selfish interest shouldn’t be considered bad. A person who kills somebody else for his own selfish interest shouldn’t be considered as bad person.

Aren’t we been hypocrite by showing different attitude to different type of selfishness.

Mite be I m cynic, but that’s my perspective.

Anyway hail LOVE, that is one of the most beautiful thing ever to happen to me, even though selfish. And I am enjoying it.