Monday, 27 October 2008

Morality in INDIA !!!!

You are immoral in INDIA if u
  1. Smoke
  2. Drink
  3. Do "soft" drugs
  4. Visit prostitute
  5. Have pre-marital sex
  6. Worst case have a g.f/b.f of different caste/religion
  7. are homosexual
  8. Eat "non-veg"
  9. Rebel ur elders like parents, relatives, boss, society etc
  10. are Atheist
But ur not if u

  1. Jump the red-light at traffic junction
  2. Throw garbage on the street
  3. Burn fire crackers on the road and disturb other people driving vehicles
  4. Take out religious procession and screw up the road and vehicle driver's peace
  5. Pay bribe to traffic policeman and government officials
  6. Keep on honking on the road
  7. If two persons r talking, won't wait for their talk to finish and start up his/her matter
  8. are unpunctual
  9. having extreme right - wing ideologies
  10. stare at female ne where on the road

Incredible INDIA !!!!


trisha said...

yeah you are right....we are a confused lot here, dont teach our kids to think enough, ratta mar mar ke pass karengey aur useky baad zindagi jeeney lagengey to aisey hio citizens milengey bhaia. Our teaching learning system is responsible. It sucks actually, am a teacher and I am saying this.

trisha said...

and you havent posted for over two weeks now, maybe you should rave and rant some? what is it? exam time or what?

trisha said...

o and I missed ur comments on the last three posts, esply the one I posted yesterday is akin to incredible India and was expecting u wd atleast see it :)

SaTaN said...

Phew !!!!!

I m lately very buzy in office work, so don't have much energy to jolt down ne stuff, will do it but don't know when....

Lena said...

umm... i think thats kinda the same in each country, social unwritten laws couldnt be broken while some more inacceptable stuff is quite accepted. Hypocricy, you know..

coffeeismypoison said...

noooo...i don't wanna piss on ur post...! I wanna say i wish ur post was longer... :D this was brutally honest and T-R-U-E. came to ur blog via Dok saab' visit mine and leave ur opinion :)

jaimin said...

Looks like there are few things that we agree upon atleast to some extent.

I have met many who are teetotallers, do not visit any prostitutes, do not have any girl friends or boy friends, are hetero-sexual and are PURE vegetarians, respect their elders and are so called theists. But, I haven't found anything substantial in their lives. Like, whats the point in being a mere vegetarian, even sheeps and goats are vegetarian. That don't make them more spiritually advanced.

They criticize people who take drugs but they are themselves addicted to tea, coffee and watching TV. They criticism of homosexuals is hypocritical because they themselves overindulge with opposite sex. They criticize the theists, but their own understanding of theism is so shallow.

They are all a useless lot. Nor, I am impressed with the other category who follow all traffic rules, do not pay bribe, do not honk, who are very punctual. The second category of people are in abundance in the country I am staying... however, they are generally very hedonistic and dominating.... These are the kind of people who don't mind bombing others if others don't comply with their ideologies.

The world would be much better place if both the above categories of people are not present!