Thursday, 21 February 2008

My stand for Homosexuality

Homosexuality. Wow, even the most rational and liberal minds distant themselves for discussion on this topic. Conservatives mites say that this is "against nature", "unnatural", "abnormal".
First of all let’s define “against nature” or “unnatural” word. Well I think this means, things which are not occurring according nature's law or not found in nature. Let’s forget humans, homosexual behavior has been observed animal kingdom in 1500 species and 500 of them is documented. Now if all this things are found in animal kingdom then I don’t think this things are so called "unnatural"

Now let’s define abnormal. It means things which are not normal or normally people don't do it or majority doesn't do it. Then I think even atheism is abnormal, even Sachin Tendulkar is abnormal guy cause talent he poses no other normal human-being has. (Well I think the comparison was bad).

I can't understand how homosexuality can harm society. This relationship is mutually agreed by two adults of same sex, and their relationship doesn't harm them or the society. Its just a pure form of love, homosexuals love each other with same intensity as any other "normal" heterosexuals will do.

Is sexual orientation by choice? Well I think it’s not because of choice but for most people, sexual orientation emerges in early adolescence without any prior sexual experience. Although we can choose whether to act on our feelings, psychologists do not consider sexual orientation to be a conscious choice that can be voluntarily changed.

So guys just enjoy been in love, whether with same sex or opposite sex or even with both.

I am not expecting anybody to comment on this topic, same as I never expected nebody to comment of CANNABIS post. I don't know why people are afraid to comment on such "unnatural" and "abnormal" topics.


ruSh.Me said...

Homosexuality....for me is not a taboo..but then Personal Health has to be taken care of....!! The Danger of being infected with Sexually Transmitted disease is care has to be taken for the life of self and the partner...!!!

I think the society needs time and more exposure for consenting such topics in their daily life!!

Satan said...

Personal health care has to be taken care even by hetrosexuals. Neway this is a matter of discretion.

Anonymous said...

Haha you're right! Not many people seem to want to comment on ganja or homosexuality.
i'm bi-sexual and i <3 weed.
there i confessed. i'm going to hell. but that's where the party is at anyway.

Satan said...

Hey Anonymous,

Confessin been anonymous is not a big deal.

freeflowingsalt said...
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Satan said...

haha, its funny the way you, a libertarian, use 'rational' and 'liberal' in the same context. That almost stands to be an oxymoron.

What makes you think rational and liberal are contradictory words. Can you explain the reasons?

Been liberal means tolerating other people opinions and views and not necessarliy accepting it.

Been liberal doesnt mean you cant put forward your viewpoints , here I had just stated my views and I am not advocating anybody to follow it neither I m been dogmatic.

freeflowingsalt said...
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Satan said...

According to you, liberal person thinks everything in world is rational and nutin is "irrational". Being liberal doesn’t mean all view points existing in this world you have to consider it rational.

My way of tolerating their views is that I understand why they hold such irrational thoughts is due to their ignorance. But that doesn’t mean I will accept that views, I m just tolerating their views.

is advocate and explain YOUR views, don't put down other viewpoints

If any person is advocating and explaining his views then that means he is indirectly opposing somebody else views.

freeflowingsalt said...
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Satan said...

I'm saying that I pride myself on being liberal because we don't completely dismiss any idea. The world is big enough to encompass everybody's opinion.

Yes I also respect everybody's opinion and idea and try to understand them. But that doesn't mean I cannot categorize them as irrational or rational.

What I m tryin to say is what according to me conservatives think and I find their thoughts as irrational just because of their ignorance. But I respect their opinions and I m neither advocating them to change their views.