Friday, 22 August 2008

What IPhone doesn't have

Well Iphone was released couple of days back with much fancy in INDIA. I know many people who were eager about it (but when they heard the price they really got pissed off... LOL). But here are few features what Iphone doesn't have and which you can even find it in Low-range mobiles available in market now.

Thought you would record that party video on your iPhone? Sorry, iPhone will disappoint you here. It has no video recording option. This is quite surprising since video recording feature is today found in most cellphones, even those at the lower end.

Also, next time when you plan a video conference, don't depend on your expensive icon, of course.

There were speculations that Apple would go for a higher-resolution camera. However, 3G iPhone has disappointed as it has the same 2 megapixel (MP) camera. Flash and optical zoom are missing too.

Most of Apple's rivals like Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung are offering much higher resolution cameras. However, credit where due: The pictures taken on iPhone -- despite a 2 megapixel camera -- belie that number and turn out quite clear.

This one is shocking! Of all things, one cannot simply forward a text message. Users can only send text messages or snapshots via email. Also, don't think of sending a SMS to multiple contacts as iPhone has no option for that either.

So no more bulk messages on Holi, Diwali, Christmas, New Year and the like! Did we hear the two operators cursing Apple for that loss of revenue opportunity!

Two other glaring ‘misses’ include lack of multimedia messaging controls and voice dialing. It lacks support for voice-recognition to let users dial verbally. The iPhone also disappoints fans who were hoping for a bundle of new multimedia features in the second generation 3G iPhone.

o cut, copy-and-paste has already drawn much ire from iPhone's fans.

Imagine you cannot even select a line of text to delete it. And how bad can it be living without copy and paste option. Especially when you want to post a URL in your blog! How tedious it would be to jot it down, word by painful word.

Most of the smart phones available in the market support the cut and paste feature, but somehow Apple has preferred to stay away from it.

Also, it lacks support for multi-select. It will give users a tough time deleting every email one by one as they cannot delete mails in bulk. Same goes for photo albums. Users have to delete the same too one by one.

All ye heavy phone users, you cannot change an iPhone battery. You will have to send it to an Apple outlet for this. Imagine how troublesome it would be to live without your phone for 2-3days. And that is an optimistic estimate of the time that you may spend twiddling your thumbs!

Both user replaceable battery and tactile feedback for the touchscreen have been given a miss in the new iPhone.

Though Apple reportedly claims that it left out the user-replaceable battery because it adds bulk and weight, users can't help comparing it with other smart phones.

Seems Apple is walking on a different path here also. iPhone offers no support for wireless modem. You may pay heavy data charges to activate Internet on your iPhone, but you cannot connect it to your PC and browse when you are at home.

Almost all 3G phones support this feature, but Apple chooses to stay away from it.

iPhone can't sync with Bluetooth stereo or in-car Bluetooth handsfree. It lacks A2DP on Bluetooth. A2DP audio devices, such as stereo Bluetooth headsets, offer high quality listening ability.

For example, while iPhone supports Bluetooth headsets, the lack of keyboard or headphone would be a hindrance for those who want to optimise their experience with wireless peripherals.

Also, surprisingly it you cannot share MP3, images and video files via Bluetooth, half the fun is gone.

n case you wish to see those multimedia files that require Flash, you will have to do away with them.

Sadly, there is no support for Adobe Flash in 3G iPhone. Though, Adobe says it is working on iPhone Flash.

Presently, when users will browse through Web pages with Adobe Flash it will display empty spaces with missing icons. Apple claims Flash would run too slowly on the iPhone.

Thus, the lack of Flash support for the Safari Web browser limits the access of several websites on the iPhone.

However, iPhone offers YouTube support. But how? Here's a catch. Users cannot get all YouTube video, but only a few selected ones that have been rolled out for the Apple-favored H.264 video codec. So, this means you can't go on sharing your videos

Last, but not the least, be aware that as a customer you are unlikely to get much support from the operators in setting up your haloed iPhone. And since setting it up would be essential to use a number of features.

According to our first impressions, sending out the cool pics you shoot through iPhone's excellent 2 megapixel camera will be a challenge unless you have set up the email accounts.

Same goes for seamlessly syncing it with the Apps Store which will allow you to download much-talked about free as well as paid apps through iTunes. Since iTunes is not exactly very popular in this part of the world except among the iPod users, that would be another necessary headache.

Also, iPhone doesn't offer the option of ringtone customisation. This means you cannot set SMS alert tones for your boss or say your best friend. Almost all cellphones have multiple profiles and option to edit or create more. However, the iPhone comes only with two options: ring or silent. Users cannot download ringtones from anywhere except iTunes.

Besides, please do remember, unlike the true Push platform enjoyed by Blackberry, the iPhone email client does not work in true Push fashion, but is more of a "pull" mail.



Soham Shah said...

Hey !!

I have been using iPhopne since January and I hv written a post on my experience using it .. I hv also written downn pros and cons of it ..

YOu can check it out here ..

ruSh.Me said...

he he......They shud have an Indian Version of iPhones.......bulk msging..... msging-msging khelna..... forwards..... Bad luck...!!!

Chakoli said...


in india people buy it nt fr features but more of show off :DD

chirag said...

ruSh.Me said...

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