Wednesday, 9 April 2008


Well it has 10 days since I m here in Switzerland, and the trip has been quite borin as usual. Neway fortunately or unfortunately sum of my colleagues of Rieter India (of sum other branch) hve landed up here.

Last Sunday as I had sum work so I stayed back at my hotel, reading sum technical documents. So in afternoon one of my colleagues came to meet at my hotel room (on later on part I will refer him as MCP (Male chauvinist pig) which my sweetheart calls me affectionately x-( )

MCP: Hi vishal how r u
Me: Well fine as usual

After sum trivial talks

Me: Uhh do u hve ne g.f?
MCP: Nope, but I m getting married by December, hve fixed a girl!!
Me: fixed a girl (wht a fuckin language is he talking). Ahh very good, congratulations

After sum discussion abt the girl her whereabts n wht she is doin etc

Me: Errr do u expect ur wud b wife to b VIRGIN? (I dunno y I asked him this question)
MCP: Wht the hell are you talking, of course she shud b virgin
Me: Ahh hmm y?
MCP: Wht y, cause I m virgin so she shud b.
Me: Wow wht an answer , oh ya ur rite, hmmm wud u expect her to u abusive words, like normally guys do or even u do?
MCP: Ofcourse not
Me: Good , aaah do u expect her to smoke as u?
MCP: Are u gone mad vishal, of course not
Me: BTW y r u marryin?
MCP: To get over my lonliness, and for sum sex too
Me: Wht the fuck, Oh good ya UR RIGHT!!!

I dunno why males in INDIA are so chauvinist… Why they expect their wife’s to be virgin, shud utter only good worlds , shud not smoke, booze wht ever in short shud have good qualities of “adarsh bahu”, while they can do whtever they want.

As I m virgin, hence she shud b virgin. Now wht kinda answer is tht. Why is ur morality or character a benchmark for her. She shudnt smoke, why the hell she shudnt when u can smoke?

And I m marrying to get over my loneliness and as I m deprived of sex these many years. Now all my fundamentals of marriage got just fucked up by this answer.

Y do u marry? For sex? For removing ur loneliness? Mite b they can b one of the parameters for getting married but certainly not the only parameters.

Neway I didn’t talk much with him after tht day after knowin his mentality.


ruSh.Me said...

10 days in Swiss-Land and this much of an learning..... well, Indians would go anywhere, but wont adopt the mentality, else everything they are ready for COPY....HUH!!

"fixed a girl!!"
well, you would have fixed ur shoe or shirt or shit,wont make any difference to u.....????

Smokin is Subjective ..AGAIN!!

To get over my lonliness, and for sum sex too....
WEll, MR. MCP.....and this goes for all the MCP's....go take a Dog, or Cat, or Parrot, or alligator, or Ape...for company....that's what u all deserve..and Sex...Try making Out with them...U will Surely Enjoy it!!! :((

ruSh.Me said...

...not regarding u....Dear Satan!!!

Satan said...

Ok sweetheart I GOT IT !!!

I meet lot of such kinda personalities in this engineerin industry.

Engineers r too conservative

ruSh.Me said...

May be...U cant generalize upon the profession...!! its about the exposure and upbringing...!!! An artist might be conservative...!! too..

Kavita said...

hey but ur breed is very rare ;)
nd nice to knw u belong to this rare breed....

Satan said...

@Sweetheart: Yup I agree, but probability of fidin an MCP Engineer is quite quite high arund 99.13 % (Now dont ask me how I came to tht figure

@Kavita : Thx, for categorizin me into such lovely breed (Looks like I m sum dog.. LOL)

Keshi said...

Im glad u dun think like that. I hate that mentality.

**Why is ur morality or character a benchmark for her.

Spot on!

btw I hv a qn for u to ans in my blog :)


Satan said...


Which question n in which post?

Keshi said...

lol u answered it. tnxx!


Satan said...

I m waitin 4 ur answer too...

Keshi said...

just replied..check it out :)


Shruti said...

1. you call yourself satan.
2. people who comment on ur posts are called 'suckers'
3. when they finally comment, its called 'pissing'

anyway.. u know.. u shouldn't stop talking to people like that MCP. This will just help u know weird mentalities of people! And oh.. engineers are conservative? which country eh?

Satan said...

Hey shruti,

Thx for ya comment.
Yeah I agree to you that u should keep on talkin to such kinda weird people, but the problem is sumtimes their mentality becomes too irritating for me...

And yeah INDIAN engineers are conservative, well I have lot of engineering friends hence I am sayin tht.

Keshi said...

Just commented on ur LOVE post :)


Satan said...

I repled back too

Ankur said...

10 days in Switzerland and u r getting bored... poor u!!! :P

take some time out and enjoy the beauty lies there in the nature :D :D

haha... and such are d responses one generally gets... but i tell u they rnt MCP's, atleast this one is not, coz he is still a Virgin :P

but yes, the kinda mentality sucks, u r not ready to accept ur partner coz she is not virging... jeez, in which age are we living... grow up dood, this is 21st century... virgin or not, does it really matters, does the hymen decides the personality of one person???

Nice Read!!!


Satan said...


Welcum, n thx 4 ya comment

haha... and such are d responses one generally gets... but i tell u they rnt MCP's, atleast this one is not, coz he is still a Virgin :P

Ya agree, but I asked him one question durin the conversation which I havent included in my post, I said see if u had got any oppurtunity to loose ur virginity then wudnt u had loose it? Then he replied yes he wud had. So I told them same applies to ur gonna b wife, she got an oppurtunity to loose her virginity and u didnt get it, so y blame her, y wud u accept her 2 b virgin just because u didnt got ne oppurtunity in life? Well he didnt answer any thing.

Sandhya said...


first time over here.

read ur blog and i would say seriouly its a matter to think.
there are different parameters for boys and girls. Even i could not know why this hell happens?

Chakoli said...

We still consider sex to be big thing....and marrying in india is stilla s a pure ritual..:-)))

we can find many more like hthis...just by chnace u caught one:-)))

OK said...

No! I am not sure the virginity part it is all that wrong. See chauvinism means using one rule for a guy and one rule for the girl.

The smoking bit was MCP, though.

Satan said...


See chauvinism means using one rule for a guy and one rule for the girl.

Yup I agree to your defination

But as I said b4 in this comments, tht when I asked him tht if he had got an oppurtunity to loose his virginty woundn't he had, and he replied yes he wud had. Then I asked doesnt that same rule applies to your wife, she mite have got an oppurtunity then y wont she have?

Just she is not virgin doest mean you cannot trust her. Trust and commitement starts between you when your relationship starts not before that. So what ever she has done before has nothing do with future.

Relationship are always bonded by TRUST

PREETI said...

I'm late here...sooo sorry! but i see u havent posted after this so i guess it's ok...

lemme tell u iv met many such MCPs and i hate them...u saw my post on marriage and iv been havin such similar times ever since then...i sometimes wonder whthr men think at all before they come to decisions...

it's true...people like u r gives us hope that thr r some 'nice' men in the world...

remain urself!

Satan said...


Been late is ok, but u hve commented thts more important. Neway u will rarely see me postin on my blog as I m more of a commenter. I like to share my opinions on other people blogs rather than puttin my own thoughts on my blog as I find former more challenging.

Neway thx for commenting

Satan said...


Yeah dunno y v have gender discrimination. But as INDIA is a male dominated society this is going to happen. Neway it will take lot of years to eradicate such weird mentality.


Yeah people normally consider pre-marital sex as taboo. If v ask such orthodox people the reason they will tell its against our culture. Well then I reply even the sati system was part of our culture then y did we eradicate it? Nobody replies.

Anonymous said...

I'd NEVER date a broad I didn't stud on our first date!!!!(and said lady's bra size would HAVE to be 36D-40D!!!!)