Friday, 2 May 2008

What parameters do you look in your g.f/b.f?

Well I look for followin parameters (in ascending order).....
  1. Rational
  2. Trustworthy
  3. Maturity
  4. Shud hve high acceptance level, so tht I can share nething with her.
  5. Good General Knowledge
  6. Responsibility
  7. Unorthodox
  8. Rebellious
  9. Understandin
  10. Bloggin
  11. Good at bed
  12. Emotional
  13. Caring
  14. Arrogance
  15. Good communication
  16. Good dressin sense
  17. Smoker n drinker (ocassionally is also done)
  18. Looks
  19. Vital Stastictics

Last but not the least she shud love me , LOL.

Neway above points r subjective. N the points from 12th to 19th can b lil bit compromised by me. It depends how intense 1th to 11th points are.

So whtz ur parameters???


ruSh.Me said...

Oh, Com'on man... Give poor little peddly souls like US also a chance.. ;-)

Sandhya said...


Seriouly we want everythg in our partner..... the same here.......

n u was asking why no no for public display..... I think if its private its much better....

Satan said...


Well the parameters I mentioned is in ascending order... So I can lil bit compromise on point 12th to 19th.

Well I was askin cause I dont find a peck or smoochin bad in public. Means its just a feelin of love between two people, so y shud v bothered abt other people. It aint vulgar, or is it?

Chakoli said...

How could u paramaterize ??
Is it some script or somthing..u put in some param,eters and expect an output.......

yeh baat kuch hajam nahi huyi...;-)

Satan said...


LOL !!!!

Aarey, dont u hve sum specific parameters for ur prospetive b.f (I doubt that, I think u already hve one)

Means he shud be intelligent, handsome, mature, responsible, bla bla bla. Kuch to parameterization kiya hoga, otherwise u can fall in love with nebody !!!!

Chakoli said...

Paramaterization.... is it?!!! nahiiiiiiiiiiii...
you cant have attributes in ur mind and fall in love.... !!! u just fall in love...

woh kehta hian "aacha lagta hain woh" kyun? no reasons...
lakha buriyan hogi...poori duniya burai karegi phir bhi aacha lagta hain... thats the answer to ur question... u cant ever paramaterize it....

Satan said...


Sorry for late reply as I was out of pune for couple of dayz.

Attributes?? yeah definetly every body has certain parameters for the person who he/she wants to fall in love otherwise u can fall in love with nebody.

Just tell me can you fall in love with ur doodhwala, ur servant or even with the most irritating guy u hve met. No never cause u hve certain points in ur mind which u wanna have with the opposite sex.

freeflowingsalt said...
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Lena said...

umm... interesting list.. any luck?
i guess we all look for same things in partners, just the priorities might be little bit different :)

Satan said...


Well hvin stronger personality than guy is a very big ego hurtin issue for the guy. I donno who will u get someone, well i think tht guy shud hve high acceptance level :D


Any Luck? Yeah luckily or unluckily the person who has commented first on this post is rite now in my life, sigh !! :D

Jeeten Desai said...

Good to know that not much has changed with you - I live very close, if you have your schengan visa this time though.

Anyways, my parameters:
1. I should feel good while talking to her - if you know what I mean
2. Good looks and taste
3. A nice family is an added bonus

Lena said...

lolzz why unluckily?? :P
anyways, you made the list considering the qualities of this person already or is it disregarding?
Just curious, sorry if it is too personal. Its okay, if you dont reply :)

Satan said...

LOL !! Unlucky I hve written just for joke, well I m lucky to hve her.

The list I hve made is independent of my sweetheart, this list I had in my mind for years, thou lil bit has changed here n there.

Thou she doesnt suffice all, but still I m lucky :D

Ria said...

OMG!u seemed to hav summed up all the parameters tht one can think of!! If u ask me....then i wud say a partner shud be trustworthy, mature, understanding, broad-minded, humorous and stylish. Thts abt it for me...looks do not play a very important role here....but yes its preferable if the person is presentable and not necessarily good looking!!